Industrial Hydraulic Motors

  • Hägglunds radial piston hydraulic motor with high power density
    Hägglunds radial piston hydraulic motors

    The new Hägglunds CAb 10 to 40 radial piston hydraulic motors are far smaller and lighter, yet nothing has changed in their output, giving them unmatched power density. The compact radial piston motor makes hydraulic direct drives the optimal choice for light and compact applications.

  • Fixed and variable displacement axial piston hydraulic motors from Bosch Rexroth
    Axial piston hydraulic motor

    Axial piston motors are available in swash plate or bent axis design for medium and high pressure applications. Our hydrostatic drives for mobile and stationary application ranges are characterized by their robustness, reliability, long life cycles, low noise emissions and high efficiency, as well as high cost-effectiveness.

  • Hägglunds CBm direct drive hydraulic motor
    Bosch Rexroth direct drive hydraulic motors

    Bosch Rexroth presents the most powerful direct drive ever. Based on the tried-and-tested Hägglunds CBm motor, the Hägglunds CBm offers 50 percent more torque, while being up to 50 percent lighter and smaller than its predecessor, making it world’s highest torque-to weight ratio.

  • External gear motors are built for high pressures combined with small size and low weight.
    External gear hydraulic motor

    External gear motors are a cost-effective alternative for rotary drives up to around 50 kW. These motors are available for one direction of rotation, or reversible for 2- and 4-quadrant operation.


Hydraulic motors built for power and performance

Driving your business forward

There is one truth applicable for all industries and applications: the growing need to produce products faster, more reliably and of high quality. This puts industrial hydraulic drives in the spotlight. For processes to be at their most productive, the control of speed and torque in relation to the process is essential. This determines the efficiency of your manufacturing and can help save your business undue costs in terms of energy usage and product lifecycle. Bosch Rexroth offers machines and systems of any size that are economical, precise, safe, and energy efficient.


Hydraulic motors solutions range

The need to produce better material more quickly puts industrial hydraulic motor direct drives in the spotlight. For processes to be at their most productive, the control of speed and torque in relation to the process is essential, as it has a strong impact on quality, efficiency, controllability and reliability.

Our Industrial product portfolio offers its customers state of the art hydraulics, electric drives and controls, gear technology, linear motion and assembly technology all from one source.

Industrial hydraulic motor types:

  • Axial piston fixed or variable displacement motors for open and closed circuits. These motors are robust, reliable with minimal noise emissions and maintain high efficiency in medium and high-pressure applications.
  • External gear motors are cost effective alternatives to rotary drives. These motors can be either one-directional or reversible to meet your exact needs. External gear motors are built for high pressures and are small and light.
  • Radial piston motors. Our Hägglunds direct drive hydraulic motors stand for unparalleled quality and reliability. Moreover, innovation at Bosch Rexroth is inspired by our clients’ challenges and our goal is to deliver to them products that exceed performance and reliability expectations.